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The ProGap is a creative TV & Video Production Company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Learn more at www.theprogap.com.

Green Screen at the YMCA

Why stop work to shoot a commercial when ProGap can bring the production to you? The YMCA took advance of this service. The Y needed to film vignettes with more than 10 patrons for their Annual Banquet. We brought the lights, mics, and cameras to the YMCA. It was much easier for all involved to [...]

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Paul Mainieri

It's always a treat when our work brings us in the company of local high achievers.  That was certainly true when we sat down with LSU Baseball Coach, Paul Mainieri.  Paul kindly agreed to appear in a PSA ProGap made for Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge. https://youtu.be/Y5qQUD2qqgU

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